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JAYA BHATNAGAR Founder, SiebenIP With a lateral experience of 35 years, ( Ex- Partner (Anand and Anand, Advocates), holds a prestigious position as a Council Member of FICPI (India) and has served as the past Secretary of APAA an esteemed member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee in APAA’s (Indian Group), demonstrating commitment to shaping the intellectual...


Indian Copyright Act

Copyright refers to the legal rights provided to an individual to secure their work of art from being infringed. No other person, other than the owner is legally permitted to use the work of art for commercial or business purposes. The owner of the original copyright, however, can further develop their work or modify it for a certain period of time.



Patents serve as exclusive monopoly rights granted to applicants, safeguarding their ownership and enhancing their value. This effective tool ensures legal protection for inventors and applicants against theft, imitations, duplications, and false claims of originality.The primary objective of the patent system is to foster innovation by encouraging inventors



With multiple similar goods offered by multiple competitors in the market, differentiation becomes pivotal. A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes between the goods of the company with that of the competitor. Apart from differentiation, a trademark can also serve as a means to offer product authentication and a seal of trust and quality.


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